Gray X-Base Truss Beam Table and Bench

Gray X-Base Truss Beam Table and Bench


So I said that over the holidays I would catch up on my blog postings :). I realize it’s taking me longer than anticipated because my “perfectionist” tendency makes me want to wait to post until I have all of the details and plans worked out and in ‘publish-ready’ form. Ok, as a full-time working mom of three little kids – that’s not happening… I honestly tried to do Sketch-Up for this – even took a few tutorials… but in the interest of time here are the basics (sometimes “bias for action” needs to just take over instead of waiting for perfection!).

One of my favorite projects recently was this Fancy X-base Table. I found the original plans on Ana White here with the Fancy X Farmhouse Table. This plan was a great starting point. I love the overall table, however I have to admit I like large, chunky legs. So instead of using 2x4s, which the plan called for, I decided to use 4x4s. I had seen several tables in this style from one of my favorite woodworkers – McNelly Farmhouse Love. She does amazing work and I was inspired by her version of the X-Base design.

In order to come up with the plan, I used a few basic measurements and did some math to figure out the rest. A standard indoor dining table is 30″ tall by 36-42″ wide. I calculated the length of each piece by adding together the width of the pieces – and calculating the angle of a right triangle in the 45-degree pieces for the X. It may not be Sketch-Up, but here’s the real plan I drew up and used :).  I promise that one day when I have more time I’ll draw up a nicer version!



Starting out, I cut the pieces to length, did some light sanding, and glued and clamped them together. Once solid, I came back and screwed in the top and bottom to keep the layers of wood together.


Then I cut the beams to length at 57″ knowing that I wanted a 7 foot long table with overhangs large enough to comfortably sit a chair at each end (~11 inches each).

For the bench, I decided to use the Truss Beam bench pattern which is very familiar as I’ve made a ton of them in cedar outdoor tables. I like the contrast of the two different base styles and how they work together.

Once assembled, the bases were painted using Rustoleum Granite gray spray paint. I used a light gray undercoat as primer so that when distressed it would have a gray layered look. For the top, I wanted the look of reclaimed wood, so I used a custom blend of Minwax Special Walnut and Rustoleum Weathered Gray. This was sealed using several coats of Varathane Matte Polyurethane for extra durability and protection.

I bought some metal bistro chairs from to match the farmhouse look for this table and bench. Here are some pics of how it turned out.


DSC_0153 DSC_0175 DSC_0188 DSC_0191 DSC_0198 DSC_0205 DSC_0208 DSC_0215 DSC_0230 DSC_0281


I wish I had a shopping list and cut list for you. In the interest of time, this is the best I can do for today :). Thanks for taking the time to come over and check out this work. Happy holidays!!!!






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8 thoughts on “Gray X-Base Truss Beam Table and Bench

  1. Susan,
    I love this table, bench and chairs. How much would it be to buy?
    I am assuming it is a custom order. How long would it take to build?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there! I love the stain on the top of the table, what were the ratios that you mixed the special walnut and the weathered grey?


    • So glad you like it! If I remember correctly, I believe I applied two coats of all special walnut and then once it was dry I used a cloth to rub the weathered gray over the top. Good luck!

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