For the love of tables!

For the love of tables!

Table Collage Jan 2016

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been quite focused on tables. Trying out new designs, new colors, and getting creative. My usual routine is to build a set, use it for a while, and when I’m inspired by a new design – then I build a new set and move the other one along to a new home. In this post, I just want to share a few of them.

This one was a refined version of the X-Base table which was inspired by Restoration Hardware. Perhaps I’m a little cheap, however I still have a hard time believing that they charge more than $2000 per table (not even including a bench!). In my post on the Gray X-Base Table there is some information on plans and construction of this style This one was finished in Minwax Provincial stain and Varathane Matte Polyurethane topcoat





This one is still sitting in our nook. We only have room for a four foot table. We used to have a round Ethan Allen table which, after years of use as a craft table by the kiddos, was almost completely covered in marker, craft paint, crayon, and glitter glue. So time for something new! I hacked this one together, trying out the farmhouse table plans from Ana White. It’s a small 44″ table, which is perfect for the space. This one was finished in Varathane Dark Walnut with a wash of Varathane Weathered Gray over top, then finished in a matte polyurethane.

DSC_0819 DSC_0826 DSC_0824


Last, but not least, I helped some folks get ready for spring with new outdoor table sets. This one is made of rustic cedar, in a design I’ve used dozens of times – the truss beam table. I’m a little surprised because most folks aren’t thinking about patio furniture in the middle of the rainy Northwest winter. However, it’s a good time to get ahead of the season!

DSC_0924DSC_0925DSC_0928 (1)

I’m continuing to have a lot of fun with tables and will soon be posting “The Ironbolt” plans, which is a new style for me (also inspired by Restoration Hardware). Thanks for checking these out!





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