Eulalie’s Sky Matching Dressers

Eulalie’s Sky Matching Dressers

Girls Dressers

This color – Miss Mustard Seed Eulalie’s Sky – has been calling me for a while now, so I was just waiting for the opportunity to use it. I recently changed out some things in my daughters’ shared bedroom including the quilts and realized that this would be the perfect color for their ‘new’ dressers. Like most little girls (ages 4 & 6) they have lots of clothes in several sizes (hand-me-downs), an over-abundance of toys, nick nacks, and small things that they love to hang onto. So storage space is at a premium on our house. Several months ago I happened to pick up these awesome solid wood dressers from a lovely lady in North Bend who told me she had gotten them years ago and that they came from a hotel in Spokane. It was a nice story – so I’m going with it :). Regardless of their history, these dressers were solid wood (the back is printed with the words “GRAY ASH” — I’m not sure if that refers to the stain color or type of wood). They did have a brown-gray stain on them, which was actually quite nice. They were also a perfect storage solution for my girls.


I started with the smaller dresser and decided that a two-tone scheme would work best. Actually three tones if you count the refinished top in Varathane Kona stain. I used Miss Mustard Seed Linen as a base coat for body and drawers. I left the drawers with just a single coat of milk paint. Then the frame was coated in Eulalie’s Sky. I highlighted the list bell/leaf details on the front with the Linen color. And then I went to town distressing it. I wanted the original wood to show through and for these to look as rustic as possible. They originally came with wooden knobs, which I switched out with turquoise blue ceramic knobs from WorldMarket.

With the second taller dresser I did something a little different. I again refinished the top the same way. The basecoat was also Linen. Then the second coat of Eulalie’s Sky was applied to the drawers and outer frame. However I wanted the two-tone paint look so I left the sides exposed in the Linen color. The hardware was also changed to the white ceramic knobs from WorldMarket which were a matching style to the blue ones. The drawers of both dressers were lined in a turquoise and white chevron paper.


DSC_9769 DSC_9770 DSC_9773 DSC_9775 DSC_9781 DSC_9783 DSC_9784 DSC_9792 DSC_9797 DSC_9799 DSC_9801 DSC_9996 (2)

DSC_0004 DSC_0019 DSC_0031 DSC_0038 DSC_0040 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0052 DSC_9993 (2) DSC_9997

Now the smaller dresser is being used as a nightstand in between the girls’ pink painted hand-built twin beds. They have colorful antique “wave” quilts in turquoise, white, red, pink, yellow and an assortment of other colors. My youngest has a yellow dresser we bought second-hand which was created by one of my favorite, amazingly-talented furniture artists – Ferpie and Fray. And the tall dresser is being used by my older daughter. Soon I need to post some pics of the whole room (when it’s clean….which may never happen…).

Each night when I tuck the girls’ in for bed, these pieces make me smile. I love that, even today, I can still get sturdy, solid wood pieces with amazing character from others who are ready to move them on. Not saying anything bad about the big box stores (particularly, IKEA, which I LOVE) and their particle-board furniture … however it is so great that these wood dressers are ready to withstand yet another generation :).

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